Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The price we pay for art

Last night I attended my third rehearsal with the Gig Harbor Peninsula Symphony Orchestra. And while we were all inside the Peninsula High School band room enjoying Haydn and Mozart and Gypsy Violin, while we were enjoying the wondrous gift of making beautiful music come alive. . .

Somebody broke into my Jeep out in the parking lot and stole the CD player.

Which, if you're keeping count, is the 4th CD player to be stolen out of the Jeep.

If you've been with me long enough, you may remember the trials and travails of Jeep ownership in Turlock, where I had the first three pilfered. In fact, you may remember those 6 months we lived in the apartment, where no less than 14 times I walked out in the morning to discover somebody had been rifling through the Jeep in the middle of the night. Eventually I stopped leaving anything in there of any value, so any would-be thieves simply wasted their time poking around in there. But still I'd come out to find the glove compartment open, the center console askew, the side door open. Then we moved to our house, and nary a trouble until the month before we moved to Washington, when, one last time, they broke in and stole the stereo.

Since moving up here, I had stopped thinking about it. Yes, if I was in downtown Seattle or Tacoma I'd remove the faceplate, but out here where we live? In Gig Harbor? I never even considered it. So last night, when I arrived at rehearsal, it didn't even pop into my mind to remove the faceplate and take it with me.

Now all that's left are the familiar bundle of wires and broken plastic, the calls to make to the police and insurance. . .and some of those old feelings resurfacing.

I'll admit. I prayed that God would break the legs of whoever did this. But only in such a way as to convince them of their wrong and bring them to repentence.

Merry Christmas and Bah Humbug.


Gracie said...

Oh that bites. I should send you my car CD player that isn't working...y'kno', for the next time someone steals from you.
Right, probably not a good idea.
Seriously--sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Boy Dan, I think your jeep is bad fortune for you, maybe you ought to consider another type of vehicle..... it seems to be a draw for thieves. :-)

Jesanro said...

I've had my car broken's such a feeling of violation that is undescribable, at least to me it was...sorry you've had so much issue with it :-(\