Saturday, January 31, 2009

Between a rock and a hard place

For Seattle sports fans, tomorrow's Super Bowl is as painful a matchup as one could possibly imagine. The question of "who to cheer for" is well nigh impossible. It feels a little like asking "would you rather drink acid of have all your arteries pulled out?"

To put it bluntly, the choices stink.

Pittsburgh Stealers: The team that was handed Seattle's Lombardi Trophy by the worst refereeing hack job the world has seen. The fans who to this day flood Seattle message boards to gloat about their "victory" in SB XL, who mock the Seattle fans for holding grudges against the NFL, the referees, and the Stealers, who fail to recognize the shaft that was given to Seattle on that cold day in Detroit. To watch them walk off the field with another SB Ring would be like watching your arch-nemesis ride off into the sunset with the woman of your dreams. Bitter. Painful. Blech.

Arizona Cardinals: A hated division rival. A team who, up until three weeks ago, nobody cared about. Not even their own fans. They couldn't sell out home games, they couldn't sell out playoff games. And suddenly they may walk away with the trophy. Leaving Seattle as the sole team in the division without one. Seattle - the team with years of great history, with rabid fans, with a couple of deep playoff runs, but nothing to show for it, while Arizona, the Johnny-come-lately walks nonchalontly into the room, picks up the trophy, saying "Oh, this? Sure, I guess I'll take one."

I guess you could turn it around and ask not "who do I want to win?" but instead "who do I most want to lose?" but I don't think it makes it any easier. Is it too much to ask that Christ returns tonight and saves us from this mess?

As for me, I'll probably just boo everybody, eat a lot of pizza, maybe play some chess in the corner, watch the Boss at halftime, then promptly forget it all on Monday.

Isn't it almost time for spring training?


mberenis said...
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Anonymous said...

You could just not watch, which is what I'm doing. (Susan)

Gracie said...

Hilarious! right, so how does the outcome sit with you?