Thursday, January 08, 2009

Every Day I Have This Choice

My left eye has healed to the place where it can focus on close-up objects. I can actually read with that eye, so long as the book is within a foot or so. Better yet, it has healed enough that I can see relatively decently when I put on my glasses, which is a little weird, since the prescription of those glasses was made back when I had the old cornea.

However, the glasses make vision possible, even though they don't make my sight crystal-clear.

So, this is my choice every morning:

1. Wear a contact in my right eye. This gives me perfect vision in the right eye, but leaves the left eye quite blurry and unfocused. Thus, I pretty much see out of only one eye. But I see perfectly out of that one eye.

2. Wear glasses, which gives me half-way decent vision out of both eyes.

So which is better? To see perfect out of one, or somewhat decently out of both?

And then, of course, the tasks which lay before me influence the decision. Driving somewhere? Or reading and computer work? Preaching? Or playing music?

Either way, I still end up with a headache. But, I guess the good thing is, we're making progress.

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Beth B said...

When your eye does finally fully heal, will you need to wear glasses, Dan? Or will you be able to wear contacts in both eyes?

Waiting for the day you write in your blog, "No more headaches."

Blessings in 2009!