Monday, January 26, 2009

Good night to you, too

I walked out the door onto our deck, to fetch logs for the stove. Three pairs of eyes fixed me in their stare - three raccoons, who until that moment had been seeking an unguarded entry into our recycling bin. They were in no hurry to depart; I was in no hurry to see them away. But alas, the night called, our dog barked, and - leisurely, I must say - three raccoons hopped over the embankment and into the wood.

The fire now burns to keep us warm this night; our new friends are away, up to mischief, I am sure. Tomorrow morning, some homo erectus will find his trash bin upended and curse the rascals for their fun. And for this night, the dog will pace in agitation and offense, while we drift off to our dreams.

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