Thursday, January 29, 2009

Raising the 'Bar' in pastoral ministry

I've never been a tavern kind of guy. Didn't grow up in a drinking family, never was around people who drank very much. Went off to conservative Bible College for a couple years, and by the time I had transferred to University I had missed out on all that freshman drinking stuff. So I've never been a drinker, never felt at home in a bar. If I needed social gathering space, the local coffee shop or Denny's was good enough for me.

So it felt a little odd last year when, on a pastoral visitation call, I was asked by Betty "Have you been to the Tides Tavern in Gig Harbor yet?" Apparently that's where all the cool people hung out. But still - a pastor being asked if he'd made it to the tavern? That was a first for me.

Time would catch up, however, and yesterday I made my first visit to the Tides. Where I met another local pastor for lunch. Yep, two pastors, having lunch at the local tavern. I was trying to arrange a meeting with another pastor friend who just moved to Gig Harbor, figuring I'd take advantage of the fact I was already driving into town, but I lost my cell phone so didn't have his number (the cell phone has since resurfaced). But. . .all was not lost. As I was walking down the sloping parking lot toward the Tides, who should come out but this second pastor, along with a member of his church board. Leaving the local tavern. And so it was that two other pastors and I (and a church board member) spent our lunch time at the local tavern.

Sounds like some kind of setup to a joke: "A Covenant pastor and Presbyterian minister walk into a bar. . ."

Truly, I've entered into new ground here.

Note: for those who are wondering, I had a blue cheese burger and a diet coke. And coffee. And a great conversation. So don't go spreading any rumors.


Erin said...

Oh Dan, you're such a rebel!

HisStoryUn said...

Bars don't make you a drunk any more than chrches make you a Christian. Never let them see you sweat!

Linda Anderson said...

Lots of us have enjoyed the fabulous fish n chips at the Tav. In the summer there is lunch seating on the deck where you can share your fries with the sea gulls! I get your struggle, but I also agree with the "sailboat" commenter: you're OK