Monday, February 23, 2009

Household Items

A couple days ago we lost power to the back part of the house. That would include our bedroom. Chuck, a dear saint and handyman to everybody on the Peninsula, came over on Friday and we switched out a circuit breaker. At first, that didn't solve the problem. But ten minutes later, saints be praised, power reappeared and the problem appeared to be gone.

Oh, except that other thing. Our fridge went out at the same time. Seems the freon is gone. So Chuck and I took the fridge apart to get it out the door, then took apart the fridge that was in the garage, and pulled it inside the house. Out with the church's fridge, in with our own fridge that we bought at Youngdales in Turlock. It was a pain - all that taking things apart, switching food back and forth, putting things back together, and the necessity of mopping up the floor and cleaning up the fridge that had been in the garage, but at least now we have a working fridge again.

Oh, except that it seems something got into the inner workings and died when it was still outside, as now there is the distinct odor of dead rotting flesh permeating our kitchen. I don't mind the scent of dead flesh so long as it's sizzling on the skillet, but this is something different. Thanks be to candles and cinnamon water boiling on the stove for getting us through this time.

But then, Friday night the power went back out again, so we're still in the dark back there, except for a Coleman lantern that we use when we crawl between the sheets. The worst of it is the lack of a clock alarm, but thankfully cell phones now come equipped with those sorts of things.

I think Chuck's coming by again tomorrow to switch out an electrical plug. I'm praying that works. Otherwise, we're on to the "crawl up into the crawlspace and see if a mouse chewed through the wires" phase.


Brad Boydston said...

Sounds like you're having a Guam week.

Beth B said...

Oh Dan. What a mess.

Once we we drove from Lincoln NE to the family cabin in Oak Creek, AZ and arrived late at night. Steve's mom had stocked the frig with the makings for a great breakfast, including cinnamon rolls in the tube.

So the next morning we turned on the oven and got those rolls going, mouths watering. Then we started noticing an odor which just grew and grew until it was unbearable. It was coming from the oven. The rolls were ruined, it was impossible to breathe in the cabin, so we ate out.

Later on, Steve dissected the oven, only to discover that, over the winter, mice had made their nests in the insulation. Baked mouse is so incredibly repulsive! May this never happen to you and Katrina.