Sunday, February 15, 2009

(It Started Out As) The Best Valentine's Day Ever

Mostly because it was unscripted and thus non-pressure filled. Breakfast at a hipster coffee shop in Wedgewood. A walk all the way around Green Lake, where we enjoyed sightings of a turtle and a great blue heron, plus hundreds of other people and their dogs. Then up to Shoreline to visit their new YMCA, and further on up to Edmonds for Thai food, finally over to Kenmore and the Tully's there. And all the time, 'just the two of us.' The kids were at grandma and grandpa's.

On the way home we all stopped at Burgermaster for a Burgermaster burger and fries. Mmm. What a wonderful way to finish Valentine's Day - red meat in the family sedan.

Then, on the way home, the phone rang not once, but twice, and suddenly emergencies in the extended family sent us crashing to the floor. And thus, it was a somber drive home.

Don't worry - nobody died. But some friends and family are extremely ill and troubled, and that is weighing heavily on our hearts. Making it tough to celebrate, when others are in pits of despair. Making it tough to sleep, tough to get out of bed and up to church and ready to teach confirmation to middle schoolers and then stand in front of the gathered Body of Christ and deliver the Gospel.

Thankfully, God is bigger than I am. Yesterday was filled with his blessings, and I daresay he showed up this morning and did what I couldn't do. The prayers of a few close friends helped immensely.

Still, I rejoice in a day well spent with my bride; I rejoice that my children had a fun day with their grandparents; I rejoice that I made it all the way around Green Lake without any trouble. I hope your day was as good.

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Lori said...

He is in my prayers. Jesus has you all in His arms.