Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just to be perfectly clear on something. . .

I have a brother named Michael. I often call him "Mike." Thus, Mike Whitmarsh is my brother. However, Mike Whitmarsh my brother is not the same as Mike Whitmarsh, the former olympic and professional beach volleyball player who was just found dead of an apparent suicide.

Back in the mid-90s, I enjoyed the name connection. There was a billboard in Upland that read "Whitmarsh Kills," playing off the "kill" that is a volleyball spike. One summer at camp our youth group kids spread the rumor that their youth pastor was "Mike Whitmarsh's brother - and he taught Mike everything he knows!" Random people started approaching me in awe - "Are you really Mike Whitmarsh's brother?" And I could answer "yes" without even lying.

It is certainly sad that that Mike felt life was no longer worth living, and that he has chosen to end it this way. But lest there be any confusion, my own brother is very much alive.

The great irony in all this is that today is my brother's birthday.

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