Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Kind of Town

I'm in Chicago for the Covenant Midwinter Conference. Already seen lots of old friends, and made a couple new ones. I haven't had any pizza yet, but I think we may tomorrow. Worship has been excellent - this year Matt Lundgren has given way to Matt Nightingale. The speakers, as usual, are challenging and inspiring. Although I think my IQ is 20 points higher just for listening to Phyllis Tickle tonight. She was speaking of the wrestling that is going on within the church these days to define how the scriptures have authority in our lives, and I think she was making the case that in coming days, the words of Christ will come to be important beyond all else. Almost implying we focus solely on the words of Christ and not the rest. Or something like that. I still need to think, and talk to a couple people about it.

Did I mention it's cold outside? And covered in snow? And windy? I still don't get how people live here year round. But at least the sun has come out a couple times, which made the 2-mile walk to the Ram bearable.

One note of interest: at dinner tonight, I had dinner with 2 of the previous three pastors at Lakebay Community Church. Which means that three of the last 4 pastors were all sitting together, along with Doug, the one guy who's been in the church for all three. And last night we had coffee and snacks with the 4th, so in 24 hours Doug has been surrounded by his last four pastors. Well, last three and the current one, I suppose.

That's why I love the Covenant so much. It's a small enough pool that, if you wait around long enough, you'll eventually connect with everybody else.


Erin said...

I really need to go to the covenent website and read about it since I had never heard of one before reading your blog. I think I'll do that.

Lambservant said...

Say Hi to Chuck and Andy for me.