Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick Tuesday Updates

Woke to a gentle snow today. Not enough to worry about, but nice. Drove to Tacoma for another post-op visit with my eye surgeon. He said the eye "looks very good." He also took another couple stitches out. 6 down, 18 to go. The best news is he told me I'm at the point where I can finally be fitted for a contact lens in that eye. It's been 4 months that I've essentially been one-eyed; it will be nice to finally have depth perception again.

Following the appointment I went and had lunch with Bill and Ethel Peterson. A lovely lunch and good fellowship. Until Karina called and said "you'd better get home. The snow is getting deep out here." She was right. What was a gentle snowfall in Tacoma was a heavy snowstorm by the time I reached Lakebay. So we're now hunkered in for the night, with a fire in the woodstove and hot water in the kettle. Might be a good night for popcorn and a movie.

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