Thursday, March 12, 2009

Congregational Response to a Sermon on Amos 5:18ff

We confess there is much pain in this world, much suffering, much sorrow and misery. We confess that we, too, are guilty of stepping over our neighbor in pursuit of glory, comfort, fame, or wealth. We confess that the ways of the world fall short of the ways of the Kingdom of God.

And yet we have been called, by Christ, to seek the better way – to replace empty religion with active hearts and hands, to cease with false pretense and show, instead pursuing justice and righteousness for all God’s children. We hear this call, and we respond:

Yes, Lord Jesus, we will serve you gladly.

Yes, Lord Jesus, we will seek justice and equity for all people.

Yes, Lord Jesus, we offer ourselves to you, to be used as your hands and feet in our land and around the world.

Yes, Lord Jesus, our love for you will be reflected in our love for those around us, and our compassion toward the poor, the lonely, those who live at the margins.

Yes, Lord Jesus, let there be a flood of justice in our land. We want to be a part of your restoring work. Let it flow through us. Let your healing for all people and our nation flow through us. Let your love and life flow through us. Amen.

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