Friday, March 27, 2009

Everything Flies Away

#1 Album, #1 Song, all in one week.

If you were to ask me for my top three favorite albums of all time, Charlie Peacock's "Everything That's On My Mind" would definitely be on that list. In many ways, that album is the album to define the years I spent in Upland, that in-between time, finished with college but not yet married and established in life, learning the ropes of youth ministry, having a grand old time living the Southern California lifestyle of beaches, Colorado Boulevard, and desert Jeep rides.

And, if you were to ask me for the one song on my ipod that tops the rest, the one that would remain if all the rest should disappear, it would have to be John Doan's "Farewell." We saw him play this at his Christmas Concert last year, and the moment transcended magic. The back story of Doan playing "Farewell" on a visit to Burl Ives, shortly before he passed away, truly added a poignant touch. This is one of those songs that carries the soul beyond space and time into the place "ineffably sublime."

Everything That's On My Mind
- Charlie Peacock
Faded Coat of Blue - Jolie Holland
Fairest Lord Jesus - Jill Phillips
Faith My Eyes - Derek Webb
Falling - Mindy Smith
Falling for You - Leeland
Farewell - John Doan
Farthest Shore - David Wilcox
Favorite Year - Dixie Chicks
Feelin' The Same Way - Norah Jones
Flow - Mars Hill Music
Fly Away - John Denver

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