Saturday, March 14, 2009

Living the High Life

As a local clergyman, I was invited to the open house at the new St. Anthony's Hospital in Gig Harbor last night. I wasn't sure what to expect, but thought there may be a few dignitaries, some light refreshments, and a tour of the building.

It was all that and more.

Everywhere you turned there were tables with all sorts of delicious fine foods. Every hundred yards or so was a wine bar offering reds and whites, as well as beer and soda. The coffee shop was serving a fine Starbucks Sumatra roast. And did I mention it was all free for the taking? Musicians played in each section we wandered through - jazz combos, string quartets, and blues guitarists. And the place was flooded with hundreds (a thousand?) dignitaries, as well as the upper crust of Gig Harbor and Tacoma. I bumped into the mayor of Gig Harbor getting out of an elevator.

I took the tour with one other man, led around by the marketing director for the hospital. We wandered through the ER, the chapel, the imaging centers, the critical care unit, we saw simulated brain surgeries and heart explorations, we met nurses and doctors, we saw the cancer center (did I mention each area had its own food, drink, and music?), the dining area and the standard hospital rooms. Everywhere you look the hospital has placed statues and artwork designed and created by local artists. Large fireplaces warmed waiting areas; a healing garden graced the western border of the grounds.

It really is a beautiful place, but, more than that, it's a welcome addition to the area. Nice to have a hospital on our side of the bridge for a change.

I just hope the bill to cover all that food, drink, and music isn't coming from the patients.

Did I mention that just as I was leaving they brought out buckets full of King Crab legs? And it was all free?


Andy Larsen said...

Very cool Dan. Now maybe your gas bill for doing pastoral calls will be less. I never did like Tacoma General for some reason. I will be down your way [kind of] preaching at Harvard Praise Covenant tomorrow. Greetings to my friends and your family at Lakebay.

Lori said...

Free Crab legs? That is worth a trip to a hospital. I hope you turned around and grabbed one before you left the building.