Tuesday, March 31, 2009

That's Just Stupid

When it comes to scripture translations, my preference as of late has been the TNIV, although I use the NRSV for a lot of my study time.

But sometimes you just have to love the NLT, as with the reading for last Sunday's sermon - Amos 6.

Can horses gallop over rocks?
Can oxen be used to plow rocks?
Stupid even to ask -
but that's how stupid you are
when you turn justice into poison
and make bitter the sweet fruit of righteousness.
And just as stupid is this bragging
about your conquest of L0-debar.

So there. The Bible says people are stupid.

1 comment:

Ann said...

That's a remarkable "translation" -- irony seems present in the Hebrew and LXX, but no descriptive words specifically disparaging the people are there. Perhaps it's a sign of our polarizing language habits that such a perspective is creeping into translators' subjectivity?