Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bike Ride Report

2nd ride of the season. It rained. Then stopped raining, but remained cloudy. Olivia joined me this time around.

Ride: Pierce County Foothills Trail, Meeker-Orting subdivision
Trail: Former NP/BN rail line, slowly being transformed to multi-use trail.
Distance: 17.1 Miles
Time: 2+ hours
# of fields in which rhubarb was growing: 3
# of Christmas Tree farms: 2
# of bridges crossed: 2
# of little red cabooses: 4
# of motorbikes in the parking lot of the Orting City Park: 75 (approx.)
# of Mormons who passed us along the trail: 2 (well, that were in uniform, anyway)
# of really cool old barns: 3
# of beautiful river valleys now over-run with generic housing subdivisions: 1
# of cows relieving themselves along the trail: 1
Minutes Olivia cried after losing the penny she had just found: 15

All in all, an excellent ride. We'll be back.

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