Saturday, April 25, 2009

NPC Annual Meeting

A couple months ago I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist - a post-op check up. I mentioned I'd been in Chicago for some church meetings.

His question: "I suppose church meetings must be all politics, like medical meetings and everything else."

And I had to tell him, "Maybe with other churches. But that's not my experience with the Covenant Church."

This weekend's North Pacific Conference Annual Meeting proved it once again. Passion for mission, humility and grace, friendship and fellowship - that's what marks these meetings. From the newest person to the denominational bigwigs, all are welcome and all are made to feel at home.

Last night I joined a friend for snacks at a local establishment, after everything else was finished for the night. And who should be at the table next to us but the conference superintendent, the conference associate superintendent, the executive VP of the denomination, and the former president of the denomination, and their spouses. And they all chatted with us, asking how we were doing. . .and even paid our bill.

I am still amazed at the blessing that is the Covenant Church. I have never been associated with a better group of people in my life.

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Ann said...

I agree, Dan! What a blessing to experience the warm welcome in the Covenant, particularly for those of us have experienced the politics elsewhere. May we nurture faithfulness to God and to one another, knowing that the welcome of God is extended through us to each other.