Thursday, May 14, 2009

From whence commeth the scam?

Last year, we bought a new car. A Kia Rondo, to be exact. And like all Kias, it came with a 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Yesterday we got the ubiquitous "Your warranty is about to expire! Call today to renew and expand your original factory warranty! Don't be left without coverage!" letter.

I know these are essentially scams, coming from third parties hoping to prey on the feeble-minded who get suckered into these things. Our warranty is nowhere near to expiring. They know nothing, except that we own a newer Kia Rondo.

But the question that comes to mind is, how do they know that? There are only two places I can think of: the original dealer, or the department of licensing. Somebody had to pass on to these scammers the fact that we bought a new car. I'm assuming these nimrods probably paid somebody for this information. It's how business works; somebody has information, somebody else pays them for that information.

But who? Is the Kia dealership selling off lists of new-car-purchasers? Is the Washington State Department of Licensing? I don't like either option. The dealership made enough just in selling us the car; if I found out they were making further profit by aiding and abetting illicit scammers, I would be upset. And I certainly don't want to go down the road of suspecting the government of handing out this information.

So who is it? Who told the Acme Insurance Institute about our new car? Anybody have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

It is probably the Dept of Licensing. I know every year when our business license is renewed, we get a flood of calls from people trying to sell us toner catridges and cleaning supplies. And it is the state selling our information. (Tammy)

GigHarborUndressed said...

It could be financing if you financed it, or it could very well be your insurance company. Insurance companies often sell off those lists.