Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Not sure who I am anymore

In today's mail, I was:

Pastor Dan Whitmarsh
Dan Whitmarsh, religious leader
Mr. Dan Whitmarsh Clergyman


Dan Whitmarsh Lakebay Community Church

Oh, and then generically "Pastor of Lakebay Church"

That's my problem. I seem to be lacking a sense of any central identity. Still, I think from now on I'm going to have "religious leader" printed on my business cards. Sound so official or something.


Lori said...

My vote is for Pastor Dan Whitmarsh. Religious leader sounds pharasaical. And you are to cool to be one of them. But, whatever floats your boat, Reverend.

Anonymous said...

What happened to "the most high reverand"? Although that could be taken the wrong way...