Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The perfect weekend

Just to make you all jealous, I think I just had the perfect weekend. Evening bike ride through the woods Friday night, worked with friends at our rummage sale on Saturday. Worship Sunday morning was wonderful, then my parents and brother came over Sunday afternoon and we had a good visit. Memorial Day dawned sunny and clear; my dad and I headed down to the Longbranch Marina where I met the fine folks from the yacht club there. I got to stand high up on a yacht overlooking the bay to deliver Taps as they laid a wreath upon the water in honor of the day - did I mention Mt. Rainier was coming out through the haze as the ceremony commenced?

Then we picked up my brother and drove to the home of some friends, where we spent an hour on the beach collecting oysters and steamer clams. Back to the house to shuck the oysters, then more friends came over and we had a Memorial Day feast. On the deck. Under the sun.

The day ended with a trip to Raft Island, where we joined some other members of the Gig Harbor Peninsula Symphony Orchestra for an evening of conversation revolving around music, photography, and much more.

This morning it was back to the beach, to join the grade school students on their annual beach exploration day. Even as we wandered around, looking for clams and urchins and sea stars and crabs, a bald eagle swooped out of an overhead tree, pulled a fish out of the water, and flew off into the woods for some fine dining.

At the moment I've got cuts on my fingers from the oyster shells, I've got a sunburn on my face and sand between my toes. Yep. That was the best Memorial Day ever.

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Shannon said...

I feel honored that the symphonic & harmonious social gathering on Raft Is. contributed to your 'perfect weekend'... it was a nice rounding out of a busy and eventful weekend, I must say!!!