Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Something I just realized

Other than a short jaunt to Orcas Island last July, I haven't had a vacation since our trip to Gualala last February. As in, a year ago February.

And honestly, I think my soul is wearing thin.

I'm not complaining, just observing. I'm not as patient these days as I usually am. Not as creative. Not as energized. Not as playful. Perhaps a little edgier. I suppose that's the soul's way of saying it needs a break.

I'm not even sure how that happened. I thought I was pretty good about using the vacation time given me. I suppose it just disappeared in the flush of getting things running last fall, then all those snowstorms in December, then all the Covenant stuff this winter and spring, and here we are again. And I did have a couple tentative plans that fell through - plans to be in Mexico, plans to head to Virgina. . .but other stuff intervened.

And I guess it's true: vacations won't schedule themselves. So, I think the plan this week will be to grab a calendar and get some dates on there to go play with my family somewhere else.

1 comment:

Lori said...

How about Bora Bora or the Bahama's?