Thursday, June 04, 2009

How low can you go?

A friend asked me to tag along and provide moral support today, as they went before a judge to seek a restraining order against their spouse.

I couldn't go into the courtroom, so stood in the hall with my friend until they were called in, then sat outside and read a Ben Witherington book on the Lord's Supper.

My friend wasn't the only person going in. About 25 other couples went in as well. All seeking restraining orders against their spouses. It was a little eye-opening, since I'm usually in on the front end of weddings, or in on the 'trying-to-make-things-work' phase. But there I sat today, witnessing the worst-case scenario phase for so many.

And, of course, in another area of the same courthouse, the Wal-Mart murderer and accomplices were being arraigned, so the area outside was flooded with TV news crews. The whole thing was a little surreal, especially since it was such a lovely day - I made the drive over in the Jeep with the top down, enjoying the sunshine, the salty sea air at the Purdy Spit and Tacoma Narrows, the hawk flying overhead in Gig Harbor.

How things go from so dandy to so horrific in mere moments. . .and a not-so-gentle reminder that life isn't a game, but is deadly serious.

For my friend, things turned out as well as could be expected, and I had the opportunity simply to offer love and support in a moment of crisis - exactly why I love being a pastor. At the same time. . .a reminder that there is so much work yet to be done.

Lord Have Mercy
Christ Have Mercy

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