Monday, June 15, 2009

One of the things I love about living out in the woods on the water

I ran over to the school to pick up Olivia. While waiting in the car queue, Kristen (our church's fellowship chair) and Robert (our former youth pastor) and their kids drove by. I waved, although I don't think they saw me. Still, as the line started moving and I was pulling in, Rance, a member of our church, was pulling out with all his girls; we exchanged pleasantries and off he went. I pulled around to pick up Olivia and waved at Robin, the school librarian, who also happens to be a member of our church.

Then off to the post office. As we pulled in I looked to my left and there was Mandy, also just pulling in - Mandy who lives with some of our church members, who occasionally comes and worships with us. We walked in together and there was Linda, a church member and recently-returned missionary to Alaska. We all chatted for a moment, and then, just as we were going our separate ways, in walked Debbie, who brings her kids and sometimes helps out at our Pioneer Clubs.

I do believe this is what community is supposed to feel like.


Anonymous said...

That is one thing I always loved about living in Lakebay. Evergreen and the post office are chock full of church members. I remember once going to the Lakebay post office and there were 5 church members there. We all stood outside talking for about half an hour. It will be good to move back there

Anonymous said...

Here I am in Ukraine and your making me feel homesick. You didn't even go to the coffee stand and still found all those people. I do like it when everybody knows my name.