Thursday, June 18, 2009

Question for you techie types

A couple times a day I'll be surfing the internets with a nice, strong wireless connection, when I'll click on a link and suddenly have the "connect via dial-up" box open up. Why is that? I don't lose the wireless connection, but still it thinks I need to connect via dial-up - and then it sits there and waits for me to click the "cancel" button before moving on to the page I'm seeking. If it happened every couple months I'd just ignore it, but a couple times a day gets a little irksome.

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Kim said...

Hey Dan, I'm a little (well, OK, a LOT) behind on my reader items, and I was wondering if you ever got this issue resolved? I'm using a Dell Studio and also browse with a nice strong wireless connection, but have the same issues daily that you are describing here. Any ideas?