Wednesday, June 03, 2009


- Wintergrass may be leaving Tacoma. That would be a shame. Not sure I'd attend if it moved over to Bellevue.

- Our local high school is in the news, after a student's speech on marijuana ended with a demonstration of its use. I think he accomplished his goal, because the debate carries on.

- Congratulations to the Washington Huskies' Softball Team for winning the NCAA national championship last night.

- One of the things we most looked forward to when we moved from Turlock to Lakebay was experiencing four distinct seasons. Central California has two seasons: 2 months of winter, 10 of summer. But, we thought, once we got up to Washington we'd be able to enjoy all four. Not this year. Winter lasted forever, with snow into mid-April, and now we've blown right through spring into summer. Heat warnings in effect across the Puget Sound region. At the moment, I'm not complaining. Sun and warmth are nice after the long, wet winter we endured. But still. . .I kind of missed spring.

- Although the top's been off the Jeep all week, finally.

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