Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday morning

- I forgot to mention yesterday that we stopped at the coffee stand in Key Center on the way to the YMCA, and ran into Kim and David - the couple I married a couple months ago. Then I had to make a quick stop at the bank, and passed Jayne (church secretary) and her daughter Kate on the highway.

- AAARGH! Blackwater Cafe, the best cup of coffee in all of Tacoma, just closed for good. Our trips into town will never be the same. And where will I go to run into Roshni and Sean?

- Watching all the news from Iran, it reminds me of news footage of Berlin when the wall fell - only the Germans had David Hasselhoff to inspire them. Will this have the same long-term impact as the fall of Communism in Germany and the Soviet Union? Will we look back on these days as truly historic?

- Olivia is supposed to be finished with 3rd grade at the end of this week. But because of all those snow days last December, school now runs through next Tuesday.

- Our church was founded in the mid-1920s, originally meeting in a school building, before buying (being given?) the property outright to build our own sanctuary. On Saturday, at the Garden Club Memorial Garden and Blue Star Highway dedication I met a woman, born in 1917, who attended that school for first grade. She was here before our church was here. I also met Don Olson, one of the first firefighters on the KP. Lots of history at that ceremony, and I was honored to play a part of it all. Oh, and I was also recruited to join the Down Home Band. . .

- It's already been well-documented elsewhere, but that pseudo-minister and his false version of Christianity was all over Seattle last week, protesting churches and graduations and jews and small bundles of sticks (you do know that's the original meaning of the word 'fag,' don't you?). What part of 1 Peter 2:12 do they not understand?

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