Monday, July 20, 2009

Growing Up

Yesterday afternoon we drove over to Cascades Camp and dropped off Olivia for her first ever week at camp. She's doing the program at Brightwood Station - Cascades' version of a train camp. It was a quick drop-off; we signed her in, loaded her luggage on the luggage cart, took her up to Brightwood and met her counselor, and then we walked away with her sitting down to the opening camp activities.

Our Turlockian-friend Chelsea, and her boyfriend, are up visiting, so we showed them around Cascades. It was a beautiful afternoon, with clear views of Mt. Rainier looming overhead and a calm sheen upon the lake. Cascades truly is a special place - one of the premier camps in the Evangelical Covenant Church. And we're trusting Olivia will have an incredible week over there.

This morning we ran Clara and a friend up to the Civic Center for the first day of WayPoint Church's VBS. When I picked them up at noon they were full of great stories and new songs, so it appears they had a great time.

So Olivia's at summer camp, Clara's at VBS, Chelsea's got a boyfriend. . .everybody's growing up. And all moving in the right direction, as well.

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