Thursday, July 02, 2009

Man - Million

In which John Denver shows up three times. . .

Forgive a couple moments of reminiscing. 15 years ago (or so) I went with some friends, and some kids from our youth group, to see Peter, Paul, and Mary live at the Hollywood Bowl. A couple of these kids had just graduated, and were soon to head off to college; one or two were really dear friends, and there was a sense of this being a special moment before we all went our separate ways. So, when PP&M moved into "Leavin' on a Jetplane" it was all the more poignant as we faced many of those same feelings. In the middle of the song I leaned back, my arm around the shoulder of one who was like a little sister to me, one who was leaving, I glanced up into the sky, and what should fly over at that moment but the Space Shuttle/Mir Space Station combination, high in orbit overhead. It was. . .magical.

7 years ago (0r so) Karina, Olivia, and I had gone up after Christmas to visit the Gibbs' cabin, high in the Sierra. We'd visited the Big Trees, we'd played in the snow, we'd had a fun time together. We left late one evening, heading down through a snowstorm, driving the Jeep along treacherous, icy roads as the coming storm began to dump thick snow upon us. And I have this one moment locked in my mind - of driving through town, watching the snowfall illuminated by overhead street lights, just at the moment Sixpence were singing "Like a Million Parachutes," a song all about snow falling onto the cold ground. Again, it was nothing short of magical.

Man on the Moon - R.E.M.
Margaret Ann Robertson - Lewis and Clark Original Soundtrack
Martyrs and Thieves - Jennifer Knapp
Matthew - John Denver
Maybe You'll Be There - Diana Krall
Me and My Uncle - John Denver
Medley: Leaving on a Jet Plane/Goodbye Again - John Denver
Melody of You - Sixpence None the Richer
Mexico - James Taylor
Michelangelo - Emmylou Harris
A Mighty Fortress is our God - St. Olaf Choir
A Million Parachutes - Sixpence None the Richer

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