Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Tuesday

- Some are forecasting that tomorrow will be the hottest day ever recorded in the Seattle area. I suppose it's too late to get my pool put in.

- While the temperature has been rising, the Mariners are in the midst of an uncontrollable plummet. Surely one of the nice surprises of this year's baseball season, they seem, sadly, to have returned back to earth.

- Tomorrow morning, around 10:00, Lakebay Community Church has our meeting with the Pierce County planning folks, as we continue the process of acquiring the conditional use permit on our KP Highway property.

- Yeah, I know. We're way behind the times. But Karina and I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire last night.

- In case you missed it, William Shatner reciting Sarah Palin's farewell speech.

- Speaking of politics. . .Remember back in the 90s, when a certain type of conservative spent way too much time and energy trying to uncover supposed hidden crimes of then-President Clinton? It all started with Whitewater, then went on to many supposed rapes, and ended up wasting how much money and time in a failed impeachment, all because he lied under oath about a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky? And so, rather than accomplishing anything positive, instead of moving ahead and setting out a worthwhile agenda, the Republicans spent their time acting out of spite and bitterness in an ill-fated attempt to besmirch Clinton. You know, the classic junior high game of "If I can't beat you, I'll call you names." Right. And now we're at it all over again, with this "birther" movement. Rather than actually doing something positive for this country, we're simply going to sling mud at the rightfully-elected president. Listen, folks. We have two options. We can be adults, and move forward on fixing this country, or we can behave like petulant children who would rather pout over in the corner, complaining about "how unfair it all is." And no, I'm not necessarily a fan of Obama; I'd just rather see us focusing on More Important Issues, and not becoming bogged down in mud-slinging.

- Finally, from the Covenant Website: "Annette Knofel, 59, wife of Evangelical Covenant Church Pastor Bruce Knofel, was killed Sunday evening in a traffic accident near Anchorage. . ." Lord, have mercy.

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Gracie said...

seems to me, the pool thing might be better served by checking into a hotel :), finding a lake, or finding your new best friends who happen to have a pool. I cannot believe all the heat over there. I'm complaining b/c my a/c is not working right. But I have a/c. AND, we don't have the heat you're experiencing. Phew. Take care!!