Thursday, July 16, 2009

Road Trip Redux

One of the things that struck me on our trip is the amazing diversity of this state of Washington. From the lush Puget Sound lowlands wherein we live, up to the reaching Alpine heights rich in forest and granite wall, to the fertile prairies and the deep, barren coulees of eastern Washington; we really have three states in one.

We also experienced a rich diversity of social structure. On the one hand, we left world-class Seattle and Tacoma, and spent time in Spokane, a grand city in its own right. On the other, we were able to spend three days about as far off the grid as you can get, up in the Yaak.

So perhaps variety was the theme of this vacation.

And, yes, it was a good trip, and we feel relaxed and refreshed, and, no, I'm not ready to get back to work yet.

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Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, the Yaak is in Montana, not Washington. I once sent a letter from Prairie to Win addressed, Win C..., Somewhere near the Yaak Montana. She got the letter. (Susan)