Thursday, August 06, 2009

Band practice

I'm now one of the lead trumpets for the Down Home band, a local band here on the Key Peninsula. And by band, think "The Music Man." No, not a marching band, but not a rock-n-roll band, either. A band like towns all had 100 years ago. We play about 4 gigs a year - Old Timers Days in Longbranch, the Christmas Tree lighting in Key Center, the KP fair (well, when there is a KP fair, which there isn't this year), and maybe another show or two.

My first show with the band will be next Saturday, August 15, at the Old Timers' Days festival at the Longbranch Improvement Club. I think we're playing around noon. Songs like "The Pennsylvania Polka," "In the Mood," "Kansas City," and "Stars and Stripes Forever." It's not quite the caliber of my other gig - the Gig Harbor Peninsula Symphony Orchestra - but it's still a lot of fun, and a chance to make music with other folks in the area. So if you're free next Saturday, come by and say hi.

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