Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Church Changes

I was updating our church website the other day - not any sort of major overhaul, just checking on some of the links, making sure they still work.

On the list of "area churches," I used to have quite a few. At last check, there were seven. But in this past month, Community Bible Fellowship moved their operations over to Gig Harbor, giving up on their plan to build their own meeting center up along the highway (ironically, directly across the street from where somebody just opened up one of "those kinds" of coffee places). And, in following links, I discovered the Presbyterian Church moved off the Peninsula and in to Gig Harbor, as well. In addition, one of the local churches down here in our area no longer seems to have a website; I'm not sure if that reflects on the state of their congregation or not.

So, as far as online presence goes, there seem to be only four of us here on the Peninsula. As far as 'real' presence, I know of a couple others (Lakebay Assembly and the Historic Vaughn Church), plus I hear stories of a number of little house churches out here. But it does change the tone of the conversation about ministry out here on the KP; fewer houses of worship, fewer Kingdom members rooted in this land doing the work of being salt and light. But I have this sneaking suspicion God hasn't up and left, even if the presence of his people is less visible.


shallowfrozenwater said...

someone from Gig Harbor hit my blog not so long ago and i now assume it was you. thanks for visiting (if indeed it was you) and i've added your blog as one i'm following.
blessings on your journey.

Anonymous said...

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