Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let me brag for a moment

There's a movement afoot among churches to "get out of the box" and into the community, which is good. One of the latest trends is for churches to cancel Sunday worship, and instead have their people gather and then disperse into the community, doing various service projects around town for the morning. This is also good. It's good for the community to see the church acting in sacrifice and love; it's good for the church to learn that worship includes 'loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Recently, I was pondering this trend, and wondering if it might be something Lakebay Community Church ought to try. I wondered for all of 3 seconds, and then realized that, no, we shouldn't try it. Our people are too busy doing all that stuff the rest of the week.

According to Rebecca, in June and July we had over 30 of our people involved in various outreach projects. In July we painted a house here on the Peninsula. In May we hosted a traveling choir from Alaska. In June we hosted another traveling choir, this time from Uganda. Over the months we've been serving meals at the community house. Last fall we sent a group over to lead a hymn sing at manor care. Over the winter we sent people to Seattle and Tacoma to share meals with street people. And still, every Wednesday and Thursday people gather here at the church for free groceries, clothing, bedding, and sometimes a hot cup of soup.

And there's a lot more - people looking after the homes and yards of the widows and seniors in our church, people giving rides to doctor appointments, work done to help struggling marriages, money donated to get kids to summer camp, visits made to men and women in prison. . .and on it goes.

I know we're not supposed to boast, but as the pastor I think I need to brag on these people just a bit. They're already outside the walls, being salt and light in the community. And I'm proud of 'em.

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Beth B said...

Praise God for Lakebay!