Saturday, August 01, 2009

My Nobody

Two moments:
- out in front of FBC one sunny afternoon in the mid 90s, Jessica pulls up in her shiny red car and says "Dan - have you heard this song?" She punches in the CD, and out comes the first strains of REM's Nightswimming. I was never a fan of REM until I heard that song. It was. . .enchanting.

- sitting in the balcony at Urban Grace Church for Wintergrass 2007, wondering if I should stick around or go find another show, but Jerry Douglas was coming later and I didn't want to lose my seat. Up walked this unknown bunch of kids. Who overwhelmed the stage with "No More To Leave You Behind." It was like nothing I'd seen or heard before; it sealed my love affair with bluegrass. I'm still living in the aftershock of that show, 2 1/2 years later.

My Idea of Heaven - Leigh Nash
My Oklahoma Home - Bruce Springsteen
My Ropin' Days are Done - Blue Highway
Near the Cross - Iris Dement
The Nearness of You - Norah Jones
Never Finish - Leigh Nash
Next Door Blues - Harry Connick, jr.
Nightswimming - REM
No More to Leave You Behind - Infamous Stringdusters
No One Like You - David Crowder Band
No Resolution - Infamous Stringdusters
Nobody Knows - The Dillards

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