Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bike Ride Report

Distance: 10.2 miles
Time: About an hour (plus a 30 minute pause at Penrose Pt. State Park)
Route: KPH south, Creviston south, Erickson Rd. east, KPH north, Reeves Rd. east, 158th north into Penrose, Delano Rd. back to the house.

Number of cars passed along the way: surprisingly few
Number of people out and about: again, surprisingly few
Number of people in the Penrose Pt. campground: zero (well, I did pass one ranger on his bike)
Number of sea lions I watched swimming through the bay: 1

All in all, a beautiful, cool, late-summer evening for a ride, and a peaceful, quiet time to think, reflect, and blow off some steam.

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