Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Good meetings?

Lakebay Community Church begins our Alpha course in a little over a week.

Just typing that frightens me. Thankfully, God is big.

Last spring I put together a leadership team/steering committee to head up the program, and we've held a series of meetings over the spring and summer, in order to pull together all the details needed to run the program. They've been good, prayerful meetings, but also a little tedious as we've poked and prodded our way through all the what-ifs? and how-abouts?

Sunday night we had our first official meeting of the people who will be down in the trenches, the people leading small groups, the people greeting at the door, the people offering up prayer as the event goes on. The workers, if you will.

And I came home pumped up. Just looking around the room and thinking "these are the people God is going to use to change lives, to grow his Kingdom, to expand his ministry; these are the people who will be representing Christ to those who don't yet know him" was an exciting thought. And to see them perk up as the night went on and they caught a glimpse of what this could all mean for us as servants of God - that made my week right there.

I mean, I like, I enjoy the group that's over the whole thing, behind the scenes, covering the large-picture stuff. But these were the people who'd be actually in there, doing the face-to-face work, and it was good to see them begin to come together, perhaps with some trepidation but also with significant faith, willing to jump in and be whatever God was calling them to be.

It's not all that often I come home from a meeting and tell Karina "I'm totally excited because of that meeting." Sunday night was one of those times.

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