Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hoping it all came out okay

This morning was a first.

In the 3.5 years I've been a senior pastor, and in all the years as a youth and associate pastor, I've always felt good as I step up to the pulpit to begin preaching.

Not today. As I walked up the hill toward the church early this morning, I had the first impression of a coming headache. I ignored it. Which worked well, until worship practice. The monitors seemed especially hot this morning. The headache grew.

I still ignored it as best I could. But then into confirmation and an hour with middle schoolers. Which was actually just fun enough that I could mostly forget about the headache.

But then the worship service started. And about 10 minutes in, right as we switched from "Happy Day" to "The Wonderful Cross," it hit full force. But that's okay, I think. I'll just stay really focused on the task and survive.

But that didn't last long. Thankfully, I had a minute while Robert read the scripture, so I went and found Karina, and got some advil from her. Which I think kicked in somewhere after my rambling introduction and before I got into my list of 5 Biblical Images of the Atonement.

Still, I was feeling wiped most of the morning, so I'm really hoping and praying I didn't say something I'll regret later. It's tough to concentrate when you're constantly thinking "ignore the pain; ignore the pain." And it's hard to really focus on conversations when you're only thought is "wow I need an aspirin."

I suppose everybody gets a down day every once in awhile. Today was mine.

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Lori said...

Hope your owie feels better soon. gOD'S Grace was with you today.