Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peaceful Morning

I wandered out this morning to put some scraps on the compost pile; as I walked across the driveway I heard a crunching in the forest to the south.

I wandered over to the edge and peered into the trees, where I saw three deer making their way through the brush down our gulley. The mom and little one glanced up but continued on, the father kept his eyes on me until the others were safely beyond a small ridge. He and I stared at each other for five minutes, neither moving, neither feeling the need to end the moment.

But I had kids to get to school, and so I flinched first, walking back to finish the compost job and pick a few ripe tomatoes on the way back.

It was a peaceful, magical moment, and another reminder of why I'm glad we moved out into the woods, on the peninsula, across the water from the Big City.

On another note, today was a momentous day - Clara's first day of preschool. And so it begins. And so it ends.

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