Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just so you know

I've been hoping to post some pastoral thoughts on Ref. 71, the 'everything but marriage' law that is up for a vote here in Washington.

But, I had to write two articles this week. And I have to write an annual report by tomorrow. And I have to write 4 sermons in the next two weeks. And I have a pastor cluster meeting in an hour. And an appointment 2 hours after that. And another appointment 2 hours after that. And I still need to get out the music for Pioneer Clubs tonight.

And tomorrow all the Covenant pastors are coming over for lunch, and I have to get all the music prepared for Alpha tomorrow night, and keep working on those sermons.

Oh, and I'm working with Manny on putting together all the music for the GHPSO Christmas Concert (which will be Dec. 12, if you're interested), which means lots of emails and time spent on the sheet music store website.

Did I mention I may need to add in one more leader training session before the Alpha weekend away?

So excuse the lack of any significant content here. Other things beckon. . .

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Anonymous said...

seems to me that we can make excuses for anything...interesting that you'd choose not to address this important issue. especially when human rights are on the line.

p.s. as someone affected by ref 71 I don't appreciate your patronizing tone, either. don't chicken out, dan. you have a voice...use it.