Thursday, October 22, 2009

Television Geography

Karina and I caught the most recent episode of Fringe last night. And were happily surprised to see that most of the action was centered in Seattle.

Until the final climactic scene, in which the dream-stealer had taken over the mind of a Kenmore Airlines pilot, causing him to veer left and drive straight toward disaster.

See, the plane was first shown departing from south Lake Union, which makes perfect sense. That's where Kenmore Airlines has a seaport.

Only, shortly into the takeoff run they switched to a shot from the rear of the plane, looking forward through the airplane windshield. And straight in front of the plane was the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (still under construction, based on the lights lining the support cables). This shot appeared more than once - the plane on Lake Union, then looking ahead at the Narrows Bridge.

Further into the takeoff run, as the plane was reaching takeoff speed, they switched to an overhead shot, where we saw the plane zooming along in front of the Seattle waterfront. Which is on Elliott Bay. On Puget Sound. Not Lake Union.

Finally, as to the impending disaster. . .the plane was driving straight into a cruise ship, one I've often seen parked out there in Elliott Bay. Only now the cruise ship was supposed to be sitting in Lake Union. (I don't think the Locks are big enough to allow a cruise ship through. . .).

So, to review. . .Taxiing through Lake Union, heading north toward the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (which now must go over Gasworks Park?), along the Seattle waterfront into a cruise ship parked in Elliott Bay/Lake Union.

I suppose, if you had no concept of Seattle geography, it all makes sense. But why go there in the first place? Knowing that everybody in the entire Puget Sound region would see it and know what they did? And lose the plot while asking themselves "wait - did Seattle steal the Narrows Bridge?"

Seems they could just as easily have made it accurate, and saved all the trouble.

But then again, what do east coast TV executives know about Seattle, anyway?

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