Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Stuff

Maestro Louis Labayan, conductor of the Gig Harbor Peninsula Symphony Orchesta, has asked Manny Garcia (First Chair Trumpet) and myself if we could come up with some exciting music for trumpet and organ, to be performed at our Holiday Concert in December.

So yes, that is Christmas music playing in the background. I was going to hold off until late November, but this is an unfortunate research-related necessity.

Currently, I'm listening to Brass Mosaic's A Brass Christmas.

I was playing around with some ideas for an updated church bulletin, and came up with a new revised version of the Covenant Affirmations. What do you think?

As part of the Evangelical Covenant Church, we affirm:
1. People ought to read the Bible
2. People need to get converted
3. People need to listen to the Holy Spirit
4. We need to do stuff for God
5. The Church is God's people
6. We all need to play nice

This morning, Wes, Tammy, Ron and I went and toured Camp Colman, in preparation for our Alpha retreat there in a couple weeks. I'm excited. . .

The Gig Garbor Gateway published a very nice article about last Sunday's Blessing ceremony for Fire, Law, EMT, EMS personnel, and included a lovely picture of Olivia and Clara climbing into a fire truck. The only problem was that the Gateway gave our girls boys' names on accident.

Lakebay people: we're going to be singing a new song on Sunday. If you want to learn it ahead of time, watch this:

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Lori said...

The affirmations are certainly to the point. Like your style Dan.