Sunday, October 18, 2009

Time to get rid of the hymnals

No, not because they're old-fashioned, not because they don't fit with our new "contemporary postmodern relevant hipster uber-cool" image.

It's just that, seriously, at least 5 times a Sunday our kids and/or youth drop them onto the floor. At random moments throughout the worship celebration. . .BOOM! goes a hymnal onto the floor. It got to the point I wondered if a couple high schoolers weren't doing it on purpose. I mean, once or twice a month, maybe? But this is getting ridiculous.

Right in the middle of prayer - BOOM!

Right in the middle of the sermon - BOOM!

Right at a quiet moment in our singing - BOOM!

It's causing me to have a nervous tic. It's causing my joy to turn to irritation. It's causing me to lose my patience. And the only answer I can see is to get rid of 'em for good. Maybe we can join that church in North Carolina for their book burning.

That or we need to cover our hymnals and our kids with velcro.

(I know - today was our pastor appreciation celebration, and I truly felt loved and appreciated. So now isn't the time to be ranting. Ought to be a time of thanksgiving. And I am thankful. . .but did I mention I'm getting a nervous tic over this?)


Pastor Susan Gillespie said...

or get carpet?

rebecca said...

I love hymns and hymnals so don't misinterpret this: Tracy brought up the idea of replacing them with Bibles since we don't use hymnals except for a flat surface for taking notes. After a long training period of not bringing Bibles because every scripture is on the overhead (not in your time), we are now using them again and I forget to bring mine 90% of the time. One or two per pew would be adequate. Clipboards for the kids would be more manageable and with a small packet of crayons attached, would show them that we care they are there and keep them occupied a bit longer. This week it was a full hour before they went downstairs, so we must expect some fidgeting and dropping of things. People might be willing to donate these things if we ask nicely.

Anonymous said...

It is irritating to have them drop during service. Even so, I like to have hymnals available, sometimes in our area we have no power and we need to read them by flashlight. The other thing about hymnals is it may be the only opportunity some people see what music is in our time of power point etc. I see the problem as our pews have a space between the seat and the backs and with the seats slanted a bit up toward the front things fall through all the time. Even our adult things like Bibles (I am guilty) coats, purses etc. (it is the cel phones and ipods that drive me crazy).

Lori said...

As one who attends your church, Dan, I would offer that what we need are new pews rather than to get rid of the hymnals. It is terribly irritating, I agree. But you would need to train children, teens, and adults alike, not to set bibles, hymnals,or other big noisy books on the pews. Knowing that will accomplish nothing, as people do not like change, and since we don't have a new pew fund in the works, and since it just wouldn't be right to throw out the hymnals (it would cause many coronaries) you may have to just take it as a sign from God that He is either well pleased with your sermon or...fill in the blank. Ha ha.