Friday, November 20, 2009

In case you haven't read the news

It really is an incredible story. Distraught woman makes rash decision to jump off the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, ending her life. But quick-thinking rescuers grab her just as she jumps, and then hold her for twenty minutes, until rescue personnel can come and pull her back up. And it was a windy, stormy day to boot.

A couple of our people saw it in progress, as they commuted home that night. Doug said he simply saw four people lying on their stomachs, arms reaching over the side, holding this woman tightly. I can't imagine the terror in those moments, waiting for help to arrive with harnesses and ropes.

It's the kind of story that needs to be told. Although once again it reminds me that too many people find themselves in desperate situations, feeling they have no way out. Society ought not to be that way.

Thank God for Good Samaritans who sometimes have the chance to intervene before it gets too late.


Ann said...

Wow, Dan! Think how effective the church would be if we lived out daily what those rescuers did for those agonizing moments. If we each would pay attention to the Holy Spirit and one another and grab hold of one another when we see pain, despair, loss and hopelessness crowding in on anyone God has placed near us...

jake dockter said...

Maybe that woman just needed someone to hold her. Maybe she was lonely. Maybe she hadn't been touched in a long time.
How sad that she was ready to die.
How amazing that in that moment she was held by people who valued her.