Monday, November 16, 2009

See? It Can Be Done

Lakebay Community Church held its annual meeting yesterday afternoon. We dealt with a number of potentially thorny issues, including passing a budget that is 40% smaller than last year (in most areas), making adjustments to our leadership structure, and amending the bylaws dealing with membership status.

And everbody got along. A couple good questions were asked, one or two issues were challenged, but in the end everything happened that needed to happen, and everybody stayed happy. We were actually all laughing at the end. Plus our bake sale raised hundreds of dollars to support the upcoming mission trip of one of our high school students.

Get that: no yelling, no accusing, no yawning, no passive-aggressive behavior. . .just God's people endeavoring together to move ahead in service and love for God and community. Concerned, careful, discerning - yes. But faithfully trusting that God is still with us, that God is providing, and that God has a purpose for us still. And trusting our leaders, trusting each other to make wise decisions.

Believe it or not, church is fun when God's people "Love One Another" and "Serve One Another" and "Consider Each Other Better Than Ourselves" and all those things we're supposed to do. And, if anything, the way this church conducts 'business' is one more reason I love this place.


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