Friday, November 13, 2009

So, the Feast

Since nobody seems to know what it is I'm working on out here. . .

The Feast is a spiritual life event hosted every three years by the Evangelical Covenant Church, preceding the denominational annual meeting. The focus of The Feast is to bring a representation of the Whole Covenant family (and all others who want to come) together for a few days of prayer, worship, rest, challenge, and growth. An emphasis this coming Feast will be the intergenerational aspects of Christian Life together, creating a space in which young and old, single and extended family are welcome and valued at the table. We also are working hard to continue the Covenant's passion for being a true multi-ethnic, multi-lingual family worshiping, learning, and playing together.

The next Feast will be in June, 2011, at Estes Park, CO, and that's what we just spent the last few days planning and dreaming and hoping and seeking. There will be a lot at the Feast - worship, recreation, Spiritual Life Experiences, relaxing, growing, eating, singing, creating, meeting, and primarily being met by the Spirit of God.

I've been given co-leadership of two particular areas, sharing the work with Deb Steinkamp from Bellingham. We are responsible for the early-morning activities (by early we mean 6:00 a.m), and the 'spiritual life experience' sessions (think seminars) later in the morning. Our hope is to offer multiple outlets for people to experience God in a variety of ways - through exercise, creativity, lecture, family experiences, prayer exercises, spiritual listening, early morning worship, dance, and more traditional Bible study. And a bunch of other stuff to which we trust God will lead us.

The Feast will offer more 'traditional' worship formats, as well as truly intergenerational worship times. There are a lot of outdoor activites, from horseriding to fishing to a high ropes course to swimming to a skate park, we're hoping to have open mic nights and music jams and an art tent and lots of time to relax and rest and enjoy the Kingdom of God.

That's it in a nutshell. . .expect much more to come.

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mimiess said...

Great summary, Dan! It helps me see the whole picture.