Saturday, November 28, 2009

Speaking of 'that day' yesterday

Okay, we caved. We stopped by Fred Meyer around 11:00 and bought some socks. (for non-locals, Fred Meyer always has a 50%-off-all-socks sale the day after Thanksgiving). And I bought a candle for my office to carry me through the Christmas season (candied apple spice).

Other than that, we had a wonderful visit to Manchester State Park, with a walk through the woods and a pause to watch the Seattle-Bremerton ferry pass by. The sea lions were barking on the south shore of Bainbridge Island, and Seattle stood tall and clear across Puget Sound. Many other families were there, many were out walking their dogs, all seemed to be in a friendly mood.

And we had a nice early dinner (or late lunch?) at Amy's in Port Orchard, celebrating Karina's parents' anniversary. The Olympics were shining over Bremerton, the cormorants were sunning themselves on every log and private dock along the road into Port Orchard. All in all, a nice family outing on a beautiful, sunny fall day.

And yes, we caved again, and stopped by Goodwill on the way home. Where we bought Clara a coloring book. And Olivia bought a present for me.

We did not 'celebrate' the idolatry that is Black Friday, although we didn't exactly follow the mandate of "Buy Nothing Friday,' either. But it's the spirit of the thing, right? 

I was going to say something about Black Friday, but then I read Beth's diatribe, and decided she said it best. So let me just quote her:

The world, in its arrogance, can only ape what God has already brought into being, but in doing so, it twists His good gifts. Black Friday is the world 's answer to Good Friday:

Instead of sacrifice, there is greed.
Instead of isolation, there are crowds.
Instead of vinegar, there are lattes.
Instead of whispers, carols blare over loudspeakers.
Instead of receiving grace, people go deeper in debt.
Instead of darkness, there are wildly blinking neon lights
Instead of forgiveness, there are fights.
Instead of atonement, there is shoving; disagreement; defiance; loss.

Instead of a tomb ready to explode with new Life, there are empty wallets and empty hearts.

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