Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Karina's parents are here. Today we're going out to lunch to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. Tonight is our annual Thanksgiving Eve Supper and Liturgy of Gratitude at Lakebay Community Church (one of my favorite events of the year). Tomorrow the whole family (hopefully. . .still waiting on word from my sister) will be gathering at our place for the a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Friday. . .we're doing our part to save the soul of America by NOT going shopping, with the one possible exception of hitting up Fred Meyer to get some new socks. We're thinking of doing something special with the in-laws, like going over to Manchester Beach, or up to Port Townsend for the day. But the point will be about spending time together, rather than feeding the idol of consumerism in our land.

To all of you, I wish a blessed Thanksgiving, wherever you may be. May God's presence be felt in your life, his love and mercy overwhelming you with hope and joy for this coming Advent season and beyond.

Stealing a tradition from my friend Lori's blog, let me close with a Gratitude list. I am thankful for:

1) A warm house, with clothing in the closet and food in the pantry
2) An incredible family, a loving wife and two adorable girls who always fill my heart with joy
3) A 'job' that gives me satisfaction and meaning
4) A community of friends and acquaintances who keep my life interesting and fun
5) A large stack of firewood, cut and split by friends who care about us
6) Clean air and pure drinking water
7) The deer that come into our yard, the eagles that nest in the trees overhead, the sea lions that park themselves in the bay below our house.
8) People with whom to celebrate the holidays
9) Brothers and sisters in Christ who take their walk with Christ seriously and soberly
10) Multiple opportunities to shine the light of Christ into dark places
11) Good health
12) The ways in which God still surprises me, pushes me, challenges me, and grows me
13) The fact that I'm but a branch attached to the Great Vine
14) A turkey in our fridge waiting to be cooked
15) Advent and Christmas coming upon us once again
16) Good books I've been reading and conversations surrounding them
17) Opportunities to re-engage my musical gifts, with the Gig Harbor Symphony and the Down Home Band (and a couple of local jam sessions, as well)
18) God's Word, that still speaks to me
19) Parents who modeled (and still do) faithful Christian love and commitment
20) Egg Nog

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