Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to Ruin Christmas in One Easy Step

I confess: I broke my cardinal rule against visiting the mall in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Saturday, following our wonderful meeting with Deb Steinkamp to plan out the Feast 2011, Karina and I decided to make a 'quick stop' and grab some last-minute stocking stuffers for the kids.

Toys-R-Us ruined my Christmas.

In three quick moves. Here they are, in ascending order from "sort of ruined Christmas" to "totally annihilated Christmas."

3. The 12 young men (read: 12-14 year olds) who took over the bike/scooter section, jumping on the various wheeled vehicles and riding them throughout the back of the store, running over everybody in their path.

2. The man in the Barbie section, shouting into his cell phone, oblivious to everybody around him. This is what he was saying: "I don't care if you ^#@$^ forgot it - you need to go ^%#$% pick it up! Just drive the %^$#$% over there and tell them you %$#$% need it!"

1. And this, the moment that destroyed Christmas. Right in the line of sight of all who entered the store, right where all the 8-year-old girls would be drawn to it:

Nothing says "Christmas" like introducing your 8-year-old daughter to the occult.

Bah, humbug and all that.


mimiess said...

I should have taken the two of you along to the lefse party! You'd have liked it so much better!

Stay out of the mall!

Lori said...

Toys R Us at Christmastime can be dangerous to your witness. Glad you kept your cool until you got in the did didn't you?