Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Somebody always has to take it too far

Just when I vow to give up sarcasm and cynicism for Christmas, I have to come across this.

Apparently, some well-meaning people want to help Christians in their attempt at 'putting Christ back into Christmas." So they came up with a Christmas tree with a huge cross in the middle. Not very subtle there. And nothing like having your kids scrambling to unwrap their presents, all with a massive execution device hanging over their heads.

Nothing says "Festive" like a polished wooden cross glaring at you from your living room.

Please. . .somebody turn it off! It hurts too much!

Oh, and if that's not enough, check out these marvelous tree toppers.

Maybe Christians could all wear these instead of Santa Hats? I'm afraid we're going to scar our kids for life. They'll actually be afraid of our Christmas trees.

These are all just wrong on so many levels. Not the least of which is that

There. Felt good to get that out of my system. Now I need to go drink some egg nog to restore my Christmas Spirit.

Oh, but to end on a constructive note: It has long been my contention that we would do a better job of putting Christ back into Christmas if we spent less time and money and energy shouting at people and forcing our views onto them, and more time and money and energy simply being the people of God. Want to put Christ back into Christmas? Then don't spend $300 on a tacky tree. Instead, bake some cookies for your neighbor. Buy presents for your co-workers. Go feed people at the homeless shelter (like one of my friends is doing on Christmas day). Forgive somebody for something they did this year. Make a donation to a worthwhile charity. Visit your mother-in-law. Go caroling. Spend some time at a nursing home. Rake a widow's yard. Call somebody just to say "hello." Smile at people in the store. Thank somebody for doing their job (like the paperboy, the check-out clerk, the police officer who just pulled you over). Let the Light of Christ shine through you into the world by serving others. That's the way to put Christ back into Christmas.


Erin said...

Thanks for a good laugh and some good advice all rolled into one. I needed a smile today. :)

Kim said...


Beth B said...

At first I thought it was a joke, but you're serious!

Perhaps this is what happens when people have lived too long apart from the church year. They think they can make it up as they go.