Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today is my birthday (da na na na na)

Celebrated by taking the ferry over to Edmonds and meeting my parents and sister for lunch. And by leaving the girls with my parents and sister, thus affording Karina and I a quiet trip back home, even stopping by the eponymous Central Market in Poulsbo. Now we get to watch a movie without little ones interrupting us. This, my friends, is my new definition of bliss.

However, I'm realizing there is a problem. For the last weeks I've been so focused on the glory of Christmas, the anticipation of birthdays and New Years, that I seem to have been unaware that there would be anything on the other side of Christmas, birthdays, and New Years. I was so caught up in the moment (carpe diem and all that) that I didn't consider the possibility that there might be 'normal life' on the other side. More sermons to write, sermon series to plan out, newsletter articles to ponder and blog posts to post on my blog, witty comments to tweet and board retreats to plan. I mean, existentially I knew those things were coming. . .but I didn't want to think about them.

Can we all just keep celebrating for a bit longer and ignore the reality around us? That would be my vote. Because, otherwise, I need to go write a sermon.

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