Friday, January 29, 2010

The good thing about blogging and social networking

The whole time I was at midwinter, people kept asking "how's your eye doing?" And yesterday at breakfast I met a young man, a youth pastor who had used one of my blog posts to stimulate conversation with his youth staff.

I was reminded again of the good ways, the powerful ways that technology can be used to maintain worldwide friendships and connections. A nice walk with Ann, a brief conversation with Randall, a coffee hour with Dale, even a two-minute 'hello' with Brad - all people with whom I primarily connect through email, blogging, and facebook. And all those conversations were richer because we communicate online throughout the year.

It's good to remember there are real people and real lives on the other end of these computer connections. And it's also good to find out people are checking in on my life, as well. Relationship - that's what's so important. And I was glad to discover again that technology really can enrichen real-life relationships.

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Ann said...

I hope your girls were happy with the product of your walk! What did you manage to find? Blessings to you, Karina & your family!